Anything Goes At These Crazy Sexy Dorm Parties!

Anything Goes At These Crazy Sexy Dorm Parties!
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Posted By: Greg Lizardo

Posted: 3/16/2015 9:11:00 PM

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     Ahhh, to be a 21-year old student again.. I fondly remember all the drunk sex parties where tight coeds used to orgy it up with each other and myself. I got my dick sucked by a different girl every other day, sometimes by two, three or four babes at the same time. Man, those were the days. Oh. Fuck, wait a minute. I was a total stoner at college and I hardly ever left my room unless it was to go buy weed or get drunk in some dirty dorm room full of sweaty guys and dirty dishes. Fuck it, I'll remember my own college days the way I want to remember them, and Dare Dorm is probably the best source for such fantasies an aging stoner like me could wish for.

Ha, I kid, my time at college wasn't really that bad, I swear! But still, the kind of parties on display at Dare Dorm were nowhere to be found when I was there, sadly enough. But anyway, my guess is you're not here to read about my school memories, but rather to see some fucking coed ass. And whatever you pervs wanna see is whatever I'm gonna post. What you'll see below is truly the stuff of dreams, my friends. Maya Grand in some lesbo action and sucking a dick, everyone's favorite skinny latina Alexis Rodriguez in an insane lesbian orgy, a pajama party starring Nicki Ortega you'll really wish you were invited to and an no holds barred hardcore belated New Year's Eve party with Kaylee Banks and her friends. Shit, wouldn't it be great to turn back the clock and go to college again, but this time to a Dare Dorm college where this kind of stuff actually happens? Yeah it would, but porn is a decent enough compromise so get out your tissues and start clicking! Oh and before I leave you to it, here's one more related post full of hot coeds to keep you going after you're done with these. Peace out bros!

Check out Dare Dorm for yourself.


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Comment By: LisaAnnLover

4/16/2015 4:07:58 PM

Dude!! Can you please post like 3 a month again like damn lol this is one of my favorite sites ever!!! Please and thanks


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