Pure Eighteen Year Old Sexual Vixens: It's A Valentine's Day Miracle!

Pure Eighteen Year Old Sexual Vixens: It's A Valentine's Day Miracle!
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Posted By: Greg Lizardo

Posted: 2/14/2015 10:01:35 AM

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     Ahhh Valentine's Day: the perfect day to spend in front of your pc or tv watching barely legal pornstars get fucked silly. Yeah, I'm a romantic at heart, sue me guys!

So today is all about Pure 18. Now, I've got good news and bad news about Pure 18. The bad news is: the site hasn't been updated in almost a year. That fucking sucks. But then there's the good news: it's still one of my top ten favorite porn sites and it still deserves to be in your list too! The Pure18 girls have been nothing but spectacular (yep, that's Faye Reagan in a threesome and Lily Carter in an early scene.. holy crap) over the almost ten years it was regularly updated and there's a HUGE backlog for you to go through of breath takingly beautiful chicks doing all kinds of amazing things to a bunch of lucky guys! I'm really hoping it makes a comeback soon because I can't wait for even more content. One might say we already have more than enough porn, but to that I say fuck off there is no such thing as too much porn and definitely no such thing as too much Pure 18. So PLEASE, Reality Kings, bring this amazing site back!

In the off chance you've been living in Saudi Arabia the past decade and you've never heard of Pure 18, here are some of the last updates to the site made early last year. Epic? Yep, I think that's the word.. Oh right, and I've got more good news: if you do decide to sign up to Pure 18 (no pressure though, they have quite a bit of free content but the HD videos *are* behind a pay wall..) for the price of less than a beer a day, you don't have to settle for just the gigabytes of drop-dead stunning Pure 18 material from the past ten years, but you also get access to everything else on Reality Kings. Which is.. Um, probably enough to make you die of dehydratrion due to ejaculating too much. But I digress! Happy Valentine's Day guys, have a good one!

Giuliana Alexis
Alice March
Lara Brookes
Amanda Tate

Check out Pure 18 for yourself.

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