New Year, New Girlfriend!

New Year, New Girlfriend!
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Posted By: Greg Lizardo

Posted: 1/5/2015 7:59:25 PM

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New Year, New Girlfriend!

     Happy 2015 everybody! And sorry for losing track of the updates for a little while - I'm only just now finally living down my holiday hangovers.. - but have no fear because we're back with a bang, or should I say we're back with six banging bodies about to get banged by YOU! Or.. you know, by some porno stunt dick we're all imagining ourselves to be as we watch this glorious stuff.

I'm sure many of you are firmly back in the company saddle now and maybe you're feeling a little down, thinking of all those hard work days ahead of you the coming year. I feel your pain guys, I had the most amazing holiday break myself, but resting time is over now and it's time to start running on the corporate treadmill again! All work and no play make Jack a dull boy though, and we wouldn't want that, so how about we get this party started eh?

A sexy new girlfriend for the night is what we all want but sadly that's not as easy to come by. But over at Girlfriend Revenge they've got tons of ex-girlfriend sex tapes for us to salivate over (more proof here and here) and guess what? We've got half a dozen of those lined up for you right here and right now. Let Tara, Ava, Mila, Riley, Bibi, Natalia and Feliz help you forget all about the first work week of 2015 with these free picture galleries and video trailers of their sexy little vixen bodies. More behind the click but I'm sure you know by now how internet porn works.

Anyway guys, sorry again for the holiday delay but here's to hoping you all have a banging 2015 full of titties, pussy and ass!

Ava Taylor
Mila Castro & Riley
Bibi Miami
Natalia Mendez
Feliz Navidad!

Check out GF Revenge for yourself.

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