Brazilian Anal Pounding

Brazilian Anal Pounding
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Posted By: Greg Lizardo

Posted: 12/3/2014 10:05:02 AM

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     I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving (here's to hoping your family dinner didn't turn out like this one), but let's get one with some more pressing matters at hand here: let's talk about brazilian asses. I've done a whole lot of research in this field and I've come to the conclusion that there is no nation better equipped for some good old anal pounding than Brazil. The women there are simply perfect for it! They're hot, they're tanned, they're curvy, they're oiled up, they're in heat and, most important of all, they know that a woman's best asset is the one she sits on and they're not afraid to use that knowledge to make men like us bust legendary nuts. So it should come as no surprise that Brazil is among the world's top producers of anal porn.

The problem with real Brazilian porn though is that it's made by Brazilians. What I mean is that while the women in domestic Brazilian porn vids are generally top notch, I find their productions to be pretty unappealing to someone like me with a more American porn palate. For starters, what the fuck is up with Brazilian porn fixating so much on the male porn stars? And why is it always some ridiculously greasy and veiny guy who never shuts up during the shoot? And for god's sake, stop it already with that porn angle where all we can see is balls slapping on an ass (I like the ass but the balls not so much)! Don't get me wrong, I've found some pretty great authentic Brazilian porn, but unfortunately it's very, very rare. Fortunately though, where Brazilian porn is lacking, Mike In Brazil comes to the rescue! This dude brings American porn production value to Brazilian porn stars and from there on straight to us, the porn consuming public! I could wax lyrical about Mike in Brazil for many more paragraphs but what's the point? If the free samples below (click on them to see the full picture galleries and trailers and be sure to sign up for the full videos!) or the ones over here don't show you how fucking awesome American porn with Brazilian porn stars is, then probably nothing will - and in that case, just stick to something like this instead (not that there's anything wrong with that!). Enjoy the brazilian asses, my friends. More to come next week.

Cristiane Fatally
Monique Lopes
I think 'Holy Shit' is in order here

Check out Mike In Brazil for yourself.

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