Fresh Faces Begging For A Cum Fiesta

Fresh Faces Begging For A Cum Fiesta
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Posted By: Greg Lizardo

Posted: 9/28/2014 7:37:56 PM

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     Cum Fiesta is one of those sites that feels like it's always been there (here's an update on one of our sister sites from years ago and here's a very recent one to show you what I mean). And even after all these years and non-stop weekly updates, it's still going strong! The reason for all that success is their simple, yet effective formula: hot young girls come in, talk dirty, show off, suck dick, get fucked and receive a load of hot cum on their face. Yeah, I realize this is probably the formula to 90% of all the porn scenes on the internet today, but most scenes try to give some kind of lame backstory or pollute the scene with shit no one cares about. Cum Fiesta is straightforward, easy and brilliantly effective. You know exactly what you're gonna get when you sit down and watch a scene. All you gotta do is select a girl - not that this is always easy because there are sooooo many to choose from!

So anyway, who do we have for you today? Well, we've got a feisty little redhead who goes by the name of Alex Tanner. She sucks a mean cock and she's got bee-autiful tanlines if you're into that kind of thing! We've got bitchy brunette Kelly Diamond. This one's got an amazing tight ass you'll be dying to fuck - but unfortunately no anal in this scene (great cumshot though). Third up is Kaci Lynn, and kill me if I'm talking nonsense, but doesn't she kind of look like a young Julia Roberts? I mean, I don't even like Julia Roberts, but for some reason this scene and that thought just totally did it for me..

We've also got Sasha Summers lined up, another redhead with a stunning figure and amazing big eyes that look up at you while she sucks you off. And last but not least, there's latina superstar Jasmine Caro. I don't think she needs any introduction: one look at that pretty little face and those big knockers should be more than enough to get you going..

Anyway, as you can see, there's always a party going on at Cum Fiesta and you're invited too - click on the pics to see more and sign up for the full video! Come back next week for more porn, pervs!

Alex Tanner
Kelly Diamond
Kaci Lynn
Sasha Summers
Jasmine Caro

Check out Cum Fiesta for yourself.


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Comment By: sunny

10/8/2016 5:17:16 AM

You my girl friend


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