Dare Dorm Parties Are The Best Parties

Dare Dorm Parties Are The Best Parties
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Posted By: Greg Lizardo

Posted: 1/31/2014 10:33:42 PM

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When's the last time you went to a party and instead of it being a boring sausagefest, there were like a dozen perfectly proportioned sluts there begging to have an orgy? Yeah, I can't remember the last time it happened to me either. But this stuff is happening alright. It's happening all over America, in the crowded dorm rooms of our proud nation's best (and worst) colleges.

Now, if you're like me and your college days are long behind you (or heck, if you're in college, but you don't seem to be getting any invites to these parties), then I come bearing good news: thanks to the magic of the internet, we can now all enjoy photographic and video proof of America's hottest little students getting fucked on camera. Or, in other words: thank you, Dare Dorm, for providing the less fortunate among us with grade A fap material!

So what does the internet's premier college sex site have in store for you today? Well, first off there's an indoors jacuzzi party featuring half a dozen gorgeous girls getting soaped up before engaging in an all-out blow and fuckfest. Then there's a late christmas party (they're students, it makes sense they're late as fuck for everything) with some lucky elves and santas no one gives a fuck about and some of the hottest girl to grace your pc screen in a while. Look at that hot blonde with the glasses. Wowee, I almost wish it was Christmas so I could experience the scene again the way it was meant to be experienced.

Then there's the poker night scene, which actually involves some real poker for the first few moments of the clip, but no worries because it quickly evolves into a dick-sucking competition. Watch for the epic final scene where some dude finishes on a hot blonde who's covered in poker chips. Chip it, girl! And the last one for today is perhaps the most relatable one of all because it features a bunch of nerds in a computer room. It plays out a little differently than your average night of world of warcrafting though, because four hot teens soon pop up out of nowhere, strip down and give these nerds the time of their lives.

I don't even know why you're reading my descriptions when you could be watching the free previews below! Go do yourself a favor and get your ass over to Dare Dorm right now!

Jacuzzi party
Blowing, blowing
Blowing in the bath tub
Christmas in collegeland
Beautiful blonde
Poker night
Who gives a fuck about poker?
Computers & sex
Great combo

Check out Dare Dorm for yourself.

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