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 Better Tasting Sperm 
Total Views: 8,986 Create Date: 11/16/2009 Number Votes: 0 | Average 0.00
If you want your girl to truly enjoy sucking you off, then you're going to want to make sure that your sperm is as tasty as possible. We've asked a crack team of porn stars, scientists, dietitians and more - and we've come up with the IWANGF Guide to Better Tasting Sperm! Make her life better by learning these tips today. 
By IWANG Donald
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 A Slut's Perspective 
Total Views: 29,598 Create Date: 4/4/2004 Number Votes: 0 | Average 0.00
I found this article on Craig's List, and thought it was funny. I sent it to Donald, who told me to post it here. I hope you like it too, check it out and tell me what you think. 
By Eva Snow
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 How To Bag a MILF 
Total Views: 53,847 Create Date: 2/6/2004 Number Votes: 6 | Average 5.00
Don't believe everything you see online. Most MILFs (Mother I'd Like to Fuck) are not stripper-hot women who are simply looking for cock. Although sites like Milf Hunter and Milf Seeker want us to believe that if we show up and whip out or cocks, we'll get laid, the fact is that in many cases bagging a MILF is not as easy as you'd believe. 
By IWANG Donald
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 Things I Believe 
Total Views: 23,394 Create Date: 10/22/2003 Number Votes: 8 | Average 3.88
I found this in a link attributed to this site. I thought it rocked and wanted to share it with you. It's a list of things I Believe. 
By IWANG Donald
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 Deviant Sex Positions 
Total Views: 51,762 Create Date: 10/5/2003 Number Votes: 8 | Average 4.38
Fuck the missionary position, I like a little style when I'm fucking. That's why I've compiled this list of great deviant sexual positions. Check them out yourself and let me know what you think. 
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 The "G" Spot 
Total Views: 27,623 Create Date: 7/12/2003 Number Votes: 1 | Average 5.00
The G-SPOT is female analog to prostate. It really does exist! The road map (below) can be used by a man/woman with a woman partner or a woman on herself. 
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 How To Eat Pussy 
Total Views: 15,795 Create Date: 6/1/2003 Number Votes: 1 | Average 5.00
Many men are selfish and believe that just because they have the ability to jamn their cocks in a pussy that they are good lovers. Most don't realize that the key to a great sex life is reciprocity - give her something she wants and she'll give you what you want. By learning some simple, fun, and easy pussy eating techniques, you'll have her BEGGING FOR IT! 
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 The Nine Erogenous Zones 
Total Views: 6,648 Create Date: 5/12/2003 Number Votes: 1 | Average 5.00
There's something amazing about the right touch - whether you're a man or a woman you can be driven absolutly wild by being on the receiving end of a great pair of smooth hands. By learning the following nine erotic areas, you'll learn the best way to be the man or woman with award-winning hands. 
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 Deep Throat How To 
Total Views: 13,256 Create Date: 5/1/2003 Number Votes: 4 | Average 4.75
Here for the first time ever are simple and explicit instructions on how to deep throat a penis. Position is important; you'll want to in position where you can extend and straighten your neck by slightly tilting your head back. This helps line up your throat with your mouth allowing the penis to slide in deep... 
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 How to Suck a Cock 
Total Views: 5,814 Create Date: 3/1/2003 Number Votes: 0 | Average 0.00
Many women have no clue how to suck cock, and many who do have some clue could greatly benefit from some pointers by the experts. We've compiled a great collection of pointers and techniques to help the woman you love suck your dick. 
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