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 All About Condoms - Part 2 
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This is part 2 of my short overview of the different condoms on the market. Includes my personal favorite and some other special kinds of condoms you might want to try out. 
By Greg Lizardo
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 All About Condoms - Part 1 
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Every guys knows that condoms suck. But unless you don't care about contracting potentially life-threatening diseases, there's really no way around them. I've experimented with most types of condoms on the market and this is what I've learned. This is part one of a two-part series. 
By Greg Lizardo
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 10 Silly Things To Do With Your Dick 
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Dicks are for fucking and pussies are for getting fucked. However, dicks can also be funny. Here are ten silly things to do with your dick. Remember these for next time you're bored at home or at the office. 
By Greg Lizardo
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 Valentine's Day Sucks 
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Valentine's Day is supposed to be the day of love, but how much sense does that really make? Couples who are great together are great together every day. People who are lonely and depressed on Valentine's Day are probably lonely and depressed most other days too. So what makes this day so special and why should we care? 
By Greg Lizardo
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 Does Size Matter? 
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Let's talk about the question that has burned on every guy's lips from the moment we learned how to look down and feel inadequate. I asked a few female friends of mine whether size matters or not and this is what I came up with. Spoiler: size does matter, but not quite how you think. 
By Greg Lizardo
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 Is Watching Porn Cheating? 
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A friend of mine just told me that his girlfriend got pissed at him because she caught him watching porn. Get this: according to this girl, watching porn is tantamount to cheating! Are bitches really that clueless or is there something to it? 
By Greg Lizardo
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 ‘First Time’ Crucial For Later Sex Life? 
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A new study claims that one’s first sexual experience correlates strongly with one’s later emotional and physical sexual satisfaction. Is it true that the day we lose our virginity sets the tone for our later sex life or is the truth more complex than that? 
By Greg Lizardo
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 Why Men Should Use Toys During Sex 
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Most people are shocked when I tell them that I – a straight male – have a vibrator. But, seriously, it makes sex all the better for me. To be perfectly clear: I don’t use the toy on myself, but on my partner. Yes, toys aren’t just for masturbation, they’re great for couples too. Let me tell you why. 
By Greg Lizardo
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 How To Get Your Girl To Give You Head 
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Head. Oral sex. Fellatio. Call it what you want but there isn’t a guy in the world that can get enough of it. Getting your girlfriend, wife or random chick to go down on you is sometimes pretty damn hard though, so here are some tips on how to get what you want even when she’s not inclined to give it to you. 
By Greg Lizardo
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 A Sad Day in America 
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I know this is a porn site, but it's a porn site run by men who see the real world and sometimes thinks to themselves "What the Fuck" ... Last week in Newton CT was such a day, and I had to get something off my chest. Because last week was a sad day in America. 
By TheNotorious WANG
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