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 Five Reasons Why Guys Cheat On Their Girlfriends 
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While you are reading this, tons of guys are cheating on their girlfriends. Why? Probably due to one or more of these five reasons. 
By Greg Lizardo
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 Women's Fantasies 
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Want to know what women REALLY fantasize about? This list has a very complete list for you to check out. 
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 Interracial Dating 
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Here's some articles about a subject that strikes some people the wrong way - EVEN THOUGH WE'RE IN THE 21ST CENTURY - Interracial Dating. 
By IWANG Donald
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 Dealing with The Breakup 
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There is a big difference between breaking up with your girlfriend and getting over you're girlfriend. A standard dump can take any where from 1 min to an hour, depending on how long you try and delay the inevitable. But in the end nothing has changed and you're still heart-broken. What you need to do is get rid of her for good. But ever after a weeks, there are still little feelings of sadness and regret. What can you do about that? 
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Ex-girlfriends, what can we say about them, besides the fact that they suck, cause us pain, and usually destroy our lives, they're really not to bad. If your ex still has feelings for you, she's good for sport fucking. Don't let her get too attached, otherwise your back in the same boat again. Besides fucking them, here's some other fun stuff you can do to your exgirlfriend or exboyfriend. 
By IWANG Donald
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 Good Girlfriends 
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So you think you have a good girlfriend. She cooks for you, cleans up after your mess, and does everything she can to make you happy. When she thinks, she thinks of you first. If you have all that then I commend you finding a girl to hold on to. If you don't have all of this then check out some these perfect girlfriends. 
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 What to Do When She Doesn't Want You Anymore 
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So the relationship of your dreams has ended and your feeling wicked down, what do you do? Your girl dumped you for some Puerto Rican drug smuggler, and now your left with nothing except for the memories of happier times. You have two choices of what you can do....Try and win her back, or go out and find a new girlfriend. I'll let you make choose, but I'll offer some tips on both ways. 
By IWANG Donald
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 Bad Girlfriends 
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This page is dedicated to listing some of the worst girlfirneds of all time. 
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