The "G" Spot

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By IWANG Jack 

The G-SPOT is female analog to prostate. It really does exist! The road map (below) can be used by a man/woman with a woman partner or a woman on herself.

Start from the pubic bone, it is the bone running across the lower end of the abdominal region - between the thighs and a little above the clitoris and labia. The G-SPOT is behind this bone - so you need to find a way around to the other side. Fortunately, there is an alternate approach in women - up the vagina. The walls of the vagina are somewhat wrinkly, a testimony to how much the vagina can stretch (say to the size of a baby's head). On the forward surface there is a smoother patch in about 2 knuckles (1.5-3 inches, 3.5-7 cm.). If a woman was to lay her palm on top of her clitoris and curl a finger (or fingers) in to the vagina in to a loose clench, the tips would be in the right region. The G-SPOT is buried under some layers of tissue so it may take some pressure to stimulate this area.

Some general hints: Arousal of the G-SPOT is usually more effective if the woman is already sexually aroused. Sharp or long nails are a no-no! Some pressure may be necessary. Two fingers are usually employed, especially since few people use mechanical typewriters (which would give fingers strength and endurance). Initial sensations in the woman may be; discomfort, an urge to urinate (the urethra from the bladder is being stimulated afterall), or a pleasurable sensation. As stimulation continues (a few minutes), the G-SPOT will begin to swell. Continued stimulation of the area may result in an orgasm that is often quite intense! Ejaculation is possible but the fluid is different from vaginal secretions and from urine. This does not work for all women. Discuss with your intimates. Compare notes. For some women, this area may receive stimulus in penile vaginal intercourse given the right angles. Rear entry ("doggie style") may facilitate penile pressure in this region.

If the partner you are playing with is a man, you can try for a similar effect on his prostate entering through his anus. Long or sharp nails are a big NO-NO. You might want to use a glove or condom over fingers. I should not need to say: Do not allow fecal material on or around a woman's vagina.

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Comment By: bob 5/15/2009 7:46:40 PM

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this works all the time


Comment By: Joe 10/5/2003 11:54:58 PM

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I'm going to try some of these out when I get home!


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