Why Being Nice Won't Get You Laid

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By Greg Lizardo 

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If you're over 21 and still a virgin or if you simply haven't had sex in over a year, you likely suffer from what I call nice-guy syndrome. Millions of men have this condition and it just keeps getting worse because the internet now allows such people to stay in the comfort of their own home, log onto 4chan and complain about 'cumdumpsters' not giving them the time of day while assholes fuck the girls of their dreams.

Well I've got a newsflash for all you nice guys out there: no one likes you. You need to man the fuck up, grow some balls, get out there and get some experience interacting with real girls instead of jacking off to anime every day. I used to be a nice guy and I once went two years without getting laid because whenever I came into contact with a member of the opposite sex, I went into nice-guy mode. I bought them drinks, offered them a shoulder to cry on and listened to their shit, placing my own wants and needs last. Whenever I felt I was making a 'connection' with a girl I secretly liked, I'd turn around and see her picked up by some asshole who treated her like shit. After he was done fucking her, she'd call me up to cry about it and I'd listen, like a total fucking idiot.

After two years it finally hit me: being nice won't get you anywhere. So I changed course. I started doing what I wanted to do and I stopped putting the pussy on a pedestal. Making such a personality change doesn't happen overnight, but I was determined to become one of those guys who was always sweeping girls off their feet right in front of me. After a while, something clicked inside me and lo and behold, I finally managed to finally get that active sex life I'd wanted for so long (though it wasn't as awesome as I hoped it would be to be honest). Fast forward half a decade and I'm now in a great relationship with a fantastic girl and my biggest relationship problem now is staying faithful to this wonderful woman.

My point is: nice guys finish last. People don't like nice guys because they don't seem to have a personality of their own. You may think you're presenting yourself as boyfriend material when you go shopping with girls and listen to their problems, but you're not. You're really just coming accross as a spineless loser who's just begging to get used and seems to get a kick out of being friendzoned. So if you wanna be somebody, then be somebody. I'm not saying become a selfish asshole, but embrace your individuality and stop putting your own wants and needs behind everyone else's. Don't set yourself up for failure. Don't sabotage your sex life. Don't be a nice guy.

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