Anything Goes At These Crazy Sexy Dorm Parties!

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Posted By: Greg Lizardo

Posted: 3/16/2015 9:11:00 PM

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     Ahhh, to be a 21-year old student again.. I fondly remember all the drunk sex parties where tight coeds used to orgy it up with each other and myself. I got my dick sucked by a different girl every other day, sometimes by two, three or four babes at the same time. Man, those were the days. Oh. Fuck, wait a minute. I was a total stoner at college and I hardly ever left my room unless it was to go buy weed or get drunk in some dirty dorm room full of sweaty guys and dirty dishes. Fuck it, I'll remember my own college days the way I want to remember them, and Dare Dorm is probably the best source for such fantasies an aging stoner like me could wish for.

Ha, I kid, my time at college wasn't really that bad, I swear! But still, the kind of parties on display at Dare Dorm were nowhere to be found when I was there, sadly enough. But anyway, my guess is you're not here to read about my school memories, but rather to see some fucking coed ass. And whatever you pervs wanna see is whatever I'm gonna post. What you'll see below is truly the stuff of dreams, my friends. Maya Grand in some lesbo action and sucking a dick, everyone's favorite skinny latina Alexis Rodriguez in an insane lesbian orgy, a pajama party starring Nicki Ortega you'll really wish you were invited to and an no holds barred hardcore belated New Year's Eve party with Kaylee Banks and her friends. Shit, wouldn't it be great to turn back the clock and go to college again, but this time to a Dare Dorm college where this kind of stuff actually happens? Yeah it would, but porn is a decent enough compromise so get out your tissues and start clicking! Oh and before I leave you to it, here's one more related post full of hot coeds to keep you going after you're done with these. Peace out bros!

Check out Dare Dorm for yourself.

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Cumming Buckets At Cum Fiesta Parties

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Posted By: Greg Lizardo

Posted: 2/26/2015 12:05:17 PM

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     I need to find out where to find all these girls who want nothing more than to suck and fuck the cum out of me! Seriously, where the fuck are these Cum Fiesta girls?! I don't even have a password on my door but they're never coming over to my place.. Come on girls, just one every week would be fine by me as long as it's hotties like the ones that visit Reality Kings' official Cum Fiesta house. Hot damn, you better believe I'd know what to do with a slender chick like Mikayla Mico, a petite firecracker like Sophia Ashton, a horny cumdumpster like Tyler Michaels or a sexy office slut like Kendra Lynn. Yeah, that's the dream alright. But fuck it, I guess I'll settle for watching it all on my pc, better than nothing eh? :)

By the way, how much longer is it gonna stay this cold? I don't know about you but I'm sick and tired of freezing and having to double my daily masturbation frequency just to stay warm inside -- not to mention all the mountain dew I have to drink after losing all that liquid. Anyway, that's enough about my cum, it's time for you to go click on those mamacitas. Like always, there's more behind the click -- a short trailer and a free picture gallery. The full HD video is yours if you sign up. But hell, you know the drill. Chances are this is not the first time you've ever seen porn on the internet. And if it is, then boy are you in for a fucking treat.. See you all later pervs, happy fapping!

Mikayla Mico
what a body
Sophia Ashton
Tyler Michaels
Kendra Lynn
cum on those glasses..

Check out Cum Fiesta for yourself.

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Pure Eighteen Year Old Sexual Vixens: It's A Valentine's Day Miracle!

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Posted By: Greg Lizardo

Posted: 2/14/2015 10:01:35 AM

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     Ahhh Valentine's Day: the perfect day to spend in front of your pc or tv watching barely legal pornstars get fucked silly. Yeah, I'm a romantic at heart, sue me guys!

So today is all about Pure 18. Now, I've got good news and bad news about Pure 18. The bad news is: the site hasn't been updated in almost a year. That fucking sucks. But then there's the good news: it's still one of my top ten favorite porn sites and it still deserves to be in your list too! The Pure18 girls have been nothing but spectacular (yep, that's Faye Reagan in a threesome and Lily Carter in an early scene.. holy crap) over the almost ten years it was regularly updated and there's a HUGE backlog for you to go through of breath takingly beautiful chicks doing all kinds of amazing things to a bunch of lucky guys! I'm really hoping it makes a comeback soon because I can't wait for even more content. One might say we already have more than enough porn, but to that I say fuck off there is no such thing as too much porn and definitely no such thing as too much Pure 18. So PLEASE, Reality Kings, bring this amazing site back!

In the off chance you've been living in Saudi Arabia the past decade and you've never heard of Pure 18, here are some of the last updates to the site made early last year. Epic? Yep, I think that's the word.. Oh right, and I've got more good news: if you do decide to sign up to Pure 18 (no pressure though, they have quite a bit of free content but the HD videos *are* behind a pay wall..) for the price of less than a beer a day, you don't have to settle for just the gigabytes of drop-dead stunning Pure 18 material from the past ten years, but you also get access to everything else on Reality Kings. Which is.. Um, probably enough to make you die of dehydratrion due to ejaculating too much. But I digress! Happy Valentine's Day guys, have a good one!

Giuliana Alexis
Alice March
Lara Brookes
Amanda Tate

Check out Pure 18 for yourself.

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Nerdy Girls Need Cock Too

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Posted By: Greg Lizardo

Posted: 2/1/2015 9:28:06 AM

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     So back in high school or college or whatever, did you go for the popular chicks or the nerdy ones? I've always had a weakness for the nerdy type myself. And I know this makes me sound like a fucking hipster, but I was totally into geeky chicks with glasses way before it somehow became 'cool'. I mean, how the fuck did that happen anyway? When I was in school, people actually made fun of me for being into computers. My whole high school had exactly one pc in the library and while we did have computer class one hour a week, it consisted of a deaf teacher running a pascal compiler and projecting the screen onto the wall in some fucked up tiny resolution while we shouted obscenities and pretended to take notes. By the way, this is not me hating on the deaf here. But let's face it, teaching a high school class is definitely not the best career choice if you're fucking deaf.

Anyway, what was I even talking about? Oh right: nerdy looking chicks sucking dick. Look I'm not even gonna pretend that the porno babes below are real bookworms, but hell they're getting a B for effort in my book just for kind of trying to look the part and being super sexy. Fuck yeah I love chicks in glasses and I'm sad to see none of the so-called nerds below have them on. But a chick like Whitney Westgate or Alexia Gold doesn't even need glasses to get my juices flowing on a nerdy girl site. And if you're really into the whole chicks with glasses thing (I think I may have mentioned it a few times, but I sure as fuck am) here's a post from a little while back from the same site with some extra spicy material.

Yeah buddy, that's about it from me today. Enjoy the porn and if this nerdy shit isn't your thing, I'll brew up something else next time so come back soon ya hear?! Peace out

Hannah Hartman
Gianna Nicole
Whitney Westgate
Alexia Gold

Check out Naughty Bookworms for yourself.

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Sexy Black Girls With A Thirst For White Cock

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Posted By: Greg Lizardo

Posted: 1/16/2015 4:48:13 PM

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     Mmmmmmmmmm I looooove black chicks. I love their luscious black skin, their voluptuous black booties, their crazily expensive hair dos, their full lips. Shit I love it all. I even love their.. interesting names. Like Molleuex Au Chocolat for example. Sure it's probably her porn name. But is it? I don't wanna be racist here or anything (hell I fantasize about fucking black chicks all the time, if that's racist then fucking sue me okay?) but hell, I've seen some black girls with some ri-fucking-diculous names on them. I've read online a couple of times that the reason for these unusual names has to do with black American parents wanting to accentuate and protect a black culture of their own. And that's all fine by me, heck it's great even, but aren't we going a bit far here with something like Molleuex Au Chocolat? I mean, come on, if you're naming your child after your favorite dessert, there just might be something wrong with you. OR hell, maybe she really did just go all out with her porn name because her real name is boring as fuck or something. Still I'm calling her Molly when I jack it to her pics and there's nothing she can do about it.

But I'm getting a little off topic here. What I was saying was that I love hot black girls like the ones in the free galleries below. And I'm willing to bet that you wouldn't mind seeing these slut puppies bounce up and down on your cock either (especially Molly and Peyton holy fucking shit they are hot). So have a look at these beauties, go back to this recent post of mine for some more and check out the website if you want more where that came from. And with that I bid you all a good night my friends. Enjoy the black booty and I'll be back with more soon!

Karma May
Molleueux Au Chocolat
Weird name, beuatiful girl
Naomi Gabmle
Peyton Rain

Check out Black GFs for yourself.

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