Fresh Faces Begging For A Cum Fiesta

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Posted By: Greg Lizardo

Posted: 9/28/2014 7:37:56 PM

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     Cum Fiesta is one of those sites that feels like it's always been there (here's an update on one of our sister sites from years ago and here's a very recent one to show you what I mean). And even after all these years and non-stop weekly updates, it's still going strong! The reason for all that success is their simple, yet effective formula: hot young girls come in, talk dirty, show off, suck dick, get fucked and receive a load of hot cum on their face. Yeah, I realize this is probably the formula to 90% of all the porn scenes on the internet today, but most scenes try to give some kind of lame backstory or pollute the scene with shit no one cares about. Cum Fiesta is straightforward, easy and brilliantly effective. You know exactly what you're gonna get when you sit down and watch a scene. All you gotta do is select a girl - not that this is always easy because there are sooooo many to choose from!

So anyway, who do we have for you today? Well, we've got a feisty little redhead who goes by the name of Alex Tanner. She sucks a mean cock and she's got bee-autiful tanlines if you're into that kind of thing! We've got bitchy brunette Kelly Diamond. This one's got an amazing tight ass you'll be dying to fuck - but unfortunately no anal in this scene (great cumshot though). Third up is Kaci Lynn, and kill me if I'm talking nonsense, but doesn't she kind of look like a young Julia Roberts? I mean, I don't even like Julia Roberts, but for some reason this scene and that thought just totally did it for me..

We've also got Sasha Summers lined up, another redhead with a stunning figure and amazing big eyes that look up at you while she sucks you off. And last but not least, there's latina superstar Jasmine Caro. I don't think she needs any introduction: one look at that pretty little face and those big knockers should be more than enough to get you going..

Anyway, as you can see, there's always a party going on at Cum Fiesta and you're invited too - click on the pics to see more and sign up for the full video! Come back next week for more porn, pervs!

Alex Tanner
Kelly Diamond
Kaci Lynn
Sasha Summers
Jasmine Caro

Check out Cum Fiesta for yourself.

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Hot Moms Showing Off Their Fuck Skills!

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Posted By: Greg Lizardo

Posted: 9/21/2014 10:58:00 AM

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     We adore MILFs here at I Want A New Girlfriend! We put on beautiful women of all colors, shapes and inclinations of course - as long as they're hot as hell and down to fuck! - but we've all got a special little place reserved in our hearts and our ballsacks for all the gorgeous milfs out there in internet porno land. And oh man do we have another batch of that sweet mom juice ready for you today!

Today's top recommended xxx site is none other than the fantastic My Friend's Hot Mom! While there certainly are more famous milf sites out there (Big Tits Boss and Milf Next Door for example), My Friend's Hot Mom is another top tier site with (in my opinion) that doesn't always get the attention it deserves. Weekly updates have been coming for years now at My Friend's Hot Mom and the quality has never dropped below fantastic! Seriously, you haven't lived until you've browsed the gigabytes of unbelievable milf content on there! For a little taste of what you're missing, here are a handful of the latest updates on this gem of a website. Be sure to check out Eva Notty and Mikki Lynn's scenes in particular - how fucking hot can it get??!

God damn, looking at all that epic porn that just keeps being pushed out day after day, I wonder how I find the strength and the willpower to ever leave my apartment. And with the new curved screens and 2160p monitors coming out, this stuff is only gonna get more and more epic! So no matter how picture perfect these milfs are looking right now, brace yourselves for even better stuff coming out over the coming years. Better start practicing your right hand because more good times are a-coming, my fellow pervs!

Mikki Lynn
Syren De Mer
Holly Heart
Diamond Jackson & India Summer
Chocolate & vanila swirl?
Eva Notty

Check out My Friend's Hot Mom for yourself.

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Make That Hot Bush Sticky With Cum

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Posted By: Greg Lizardo

Posted: 9/14/2014 7:04:27 PM

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     Right, so this post is for three kinds of people: pervs who like women with bushy pussies, pervs who like seeing cum drip from a hairy cunt and pervs who just plain like hot little starlets fuck like pros. And today's top star is Annika, a fantastic brunette (is she latina? she kind of looks like she's got some spicy latina in her) who prefers her cookie au naturel but her sex as freaky as it gets. She's in not one but two separate scenes (the first one and the fourth one in the freebies below - click through to see the full galleries and video trailers and if you wanna see the full scene consider signing up for Reality Kings). Seriously, whether you've got a thing for bush or not, the quality of these porn scenes is simply great and this girl is an absolute stunner.

That's not to say that the other girls aren't total knock-outs though. Lola Taylor is a dead hot blonde who'd make you pop out of your swimming trunks in seconds if you saw her at the beach, Emma O' Hara looks like a cute innocent nerdy girl, until that outfit comes off revealing a fantastically slutty redhead. And probably most of you know who Riley Reynolds is already (protip: she's a pretty popular porn star). So there's something for everyone here. No facial cumshots though. At Hot Bush you cum right on those wet bushy regions!

If you like this stuff, then take a look over here for some more freebies. You'll see over there that even very high profile starlets like Dani Daniels have been featured on Hot Bush (and she's just one of many! Go to the official site to look at some more models). One thing that hit me after visiting that oldish link again is that I haven't seen Candi Lane in more scenes after her Hot Bush video. As much as I'm digging the girls in this post, I'd loooove to see another scene with her!

Lola Taylor
Emma O' Hara

Annika (again!)
Riley Reynolds

Check out Hot Bush for yourself.

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Why The Best Masseuses Are Asian

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Posted By: Greg Lizardo

Posted: 9/7/2014 2:19:49 PM

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     I hate massages. I just can't stand people rubbing my back, it's so goddamn ticklish it turns me into a school girl (no way pervs, not that kind of school girl)! So it's been over a decade for me since I've last had a massage and I don't intend on getting one any time soon. Of course, I may have to reconsider if Happy Tugs comes to town. Hell, London Keyes can tickle me to death for all I care as long as she takes care of me first. Yeah, I may not react well to having my back touched, but I can live with asian babes giving me a happy ending.

So today I've got some picture galleries and trailers for you from Happy Tugs. This site is just like My Naughty Massage but focuses on asian girls. And judging from the videos I've been watching, these asian masseuses sure look like they know what they're doing. The London Keyes scene is probably gonna be the one you'll click on first. God how hot is she?? But definitely check out the first scene too. A threesome with two gorgeous asian girls - that's something you just can't miss!

Anyway, you know how it works. Click on the pics to go to the full galleries and watch the trailers. The complete videos (most of them are over half an hour long and all of them are available in crystal clear HD) are available after registration on the site in question, but remember that your pass to a single site will give you access to a whole lot of other porn sites.

Anyway, these Asian massage scenes should keep you busy for a while. But come back soon when your porn supply runs dry eh?

Mia Li & Angelina
Miyuki Son
London Keyes

Check out Happy Tugs for yourself.

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Latina Ass And Latina Titties For Everyone!

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Posted By: Greg Lizardo

Posted: 9/2/2014 3:56:37 PM

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I just got back from my local mexican restaurant and had THE BEST ENCHILADAS ever. Sure, I'll be shitting liquid fire for the next couple of days I'm sure, but it was worth it. But of course I realize this ain't a cooking blog. Porn is what we do and is porn is what you're gonna get and today is latina day you lucky motherfuckers. Yeah I'm well aware that we just did a latina post pretty recently but I just can't get enough of latina pussy (and most of all latina ASS!). And as long as you're a red blooded male, you probably can't either.

So today we've got Jessica Fuentes in for you. People always say save the best for last but I say fuck that. Jessica Fuentes is probably my favorite latina of the moment and in this particular scene she's wearing the most awesome little outfit. God, I'm sweating so much right now just thinking about it. And no it's not those enchiladas I had earlier acting up, it's Jessica's ass in that ridiculous little outfit.

Our next two chicas are Luna Delovo and Dylan Daniels. I gotta say Luna's not quite my type, but those pics of her on that motorbike? Yeah, type or not, I'll gladly park my cock in that! Dylan on the other hand IS my type and having her in a threesome scene with her tight bodied girlfriend is a real fucking treat.

Lastly, we're serving Desiree Lopez, Mimi and Danira Love! And as you can see, it's all about the ass today - the latina ass to be precise. All three of these girls have a back end that just won't quit (not that you'd want it to!), check out the trailers if you don't believe me! So anyway, that's it for this week. I'm off to devour the half enchilada leftover I brought home. But I think I just might rewatch that Jessica Fuentes scene first..

Jessica Fuentes
dat outfit...
Luna Delovo
Dylan Daniels
And her BFF
Desiree Lopez
Danira Love

Check out 8th Street Latinas for yourself.

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